4 Stroke twin engine karting has always been hugely popular and is now becoming more popular again.  If you are looking to get in to karting, this is the perfect place to start.

Paul Fletcher International (Newark) hold a 4Stroke race meeting on the 3rd weekend of the month.  The championship is extremely good value for money, and a very competitive championship seeing around 45 karts on the grid in Seniors. 

The Pro-Kart championship offer 4 classes over this weekend.

• Cadets (GX200 Engine restricted) aged between 8-13 years
• Juniors (X2 GX200 Engine restricted) aged between 11-16 years
• Senior (X2 GX200 Engine) aged 16 years plus
• Senior (X2GX160 Engine) aged 16 years plus.

Engines are sealed GX200, supplied and maintained by RPM Engines.  Starting with a single engine restricted for cadets, moving to twin GX200 restricted for Junior to un-restricted for Senior. This therefore keeps the continuity between the classes, enabling a competitor as they grow to move up without major equipment change as the engines are all the same.

The karts are affordable, no licence is needed, no MSA regulations, but still the track, marshals and safety are in place as per any MSA events.

Also available to senior 4stroke drivers are the PFI endurance championship (held on the first Thursday of the month) and EPEC endurance races all over the country.

Honda cadets can also race at MSA level with GX160 Engines.

Team7Racing offer full track side support, sales, driver tuition and hire karts for the race meetings or Thursday practice.

Follow the Facebook page – ‘PFI ProKarting’ for more information on this championship

Follow the Facebook page – ‘RPM Racing Engines’ or website www.rpmpower.co.uk