Great weekend in the RPM Pro-kart

Another win for Charlie Bingham on the RPM pro-kart this weekend. Winning every heat and the final. Good work Charlie, you never fail to impress!

Excellent performance from Blake Angliss finishing 6th in the final, after having various problems in the heats (one loosing his exhaust!)but he cracked on and had a storming weekend and well deserved his result.

Charlie Dillon didn't have such a good weekend, finishing 17th. Not through the lack of driving or wanting to do well, he got fired off twice and made some small errors.  The main issue for Charlie is that he is ready to move up to Juniors.

Luke Harris, this was his first race with the Honda and at just 8 years old he is the toughest kid I know. Had a couple of off's, one tipping him out the kart...but he dusted himself off and carried on. Really impressed with his commitment.

Well done to everyone. Was a great weekend. Thanks to Paul Barnicote and Roger Pitchford.



Another podium for Charlie Bingham and Haase


Superb effort to come from 8th to finish 3rd with no testing on the Saturday. Kart working fantastically, driver on form and power from RPM Engines.

Well done to Blake Angliss. His final Novice drive at Kimbolton with a tough grid, setting his personal best lap time and finishing 8th. A real strong charge at the start to get to 5th and a fantastic overtake on the outside to gain a place. Hard fought and deserved position. Getting closer all the time in a very competitive class.

Also Charlie Dillon racing at Stretton, finishing 5th and 4th in the heats, unfortunately the king pin broke causing Charlie to start 10th in the final. He managed to pull in a superb 7th place finish.

Well done Charlie.

Kimbolton 14th sept

Kimbolton 14th sept 2


Charlie Bingham gains first win at PFI X30 Senior

Charlie winning

Charlie Bingham fantastic job on your first win at PFI X30 Senior. Always knew you could do it. Here's to many more. 🏁 well proud of you, couldn't have asked for anything more.

John Hogan balls of steel, to have an accident in the first race, which completely destroyed his kart and battered him too, to miss the rest of the heats. Start the final from the back of the grid and finish 8th. An outstanding performance for not only a good driver but a super guy.

Blake Angliss, misfortune all weekend with lack of engine performance, having to start the final from the pit lane 100 yards behind the rest of the pack because the engine wouldn't fire. Drive his backside off, to finish 24th out of 33 drivers in a very competitive field - good job Blake we all come back stronger.

Thanks to support from family and friends, Dave Pickup and Roger Pitchford (RPM Engines).

Charie win


Win Win Win

TVKC Club Championship Round 5

Win Win Win 🏁🏁🏁 long time coming but our belief and determination has finally paid off. From the start of our team, we knew we would compete at the top level and have proved this by winning at PFI in one of the most competitive formulas this weekend.

A massive thank you to all the people in the team and to Haase Karts for a superb product and chassis that does deliver. We wish more drivers would try the kart as it is as good as any out there.

It takes all things working together to reach success and the first point of call is the driver. To have the desire, determination and focus to never give up. Secondly, an engineer to supply an engine to compliment the above and we found this with RPM Engines giving us support and the best possible chance of success. Thank you Roger Pitchford.

Team7Racing is a small and humble set up that works tirelessly to achieve the results against all odds.  Against greater budgets and teams out there out there it proves that our ethos has always been that money doesn't always buy success.  Once again thanks to everyone, no matter how small or large your involvement for being apart of making this happen.

I hope all of our customers and followers can now take this small achievement as a boost for their own success.

Be lucky, have fun and never give up.

Your Dream Our Team.

Jay and Charlie

 Win Win win


Tattershall, August 2015

Blake and Brea Angliss also competed this weekend at Tattershall. Brea in the Bambino class and Blake Iame cadets. Brea had a smile on her face all weekend, she loves karting with her big brother! She did really well giving us the thumbs up every lap!! Blake had a storming weekend. Finishing 2nd in all 3 Heats and starting 2nd in the final. Unfortunately he was pushed to the side on the starting lap causing him to loose time, but still managed to finish 3rd! Great achievement. I have to say Blake improves every time he is on the track, he is super smooth and is a pleasure to watch and support.

Another driver this weekend was 13 year old Jake Brooker. He was in the Junior X30 with Hannah. I was so impressed with Jake. He is a really nice kid, taking it all in his stride. He flew round the track winning not only his class but the entire race for the heats and the final!!

Pleasure to watch. Keep it up Jake.



Funcup August 2015

Funcup rounds 4 and 5 at Donington Park

Two races this weekend of a one hour and four hour endurance. With drivers Jay Shepherd, Martin Gibson (pictured below), Andy Holden and Rod Barrett.  Finishing 4th and 6th.  We are currently running 3rd in the championship.

Looking forward to Anglesey at the end of September.

Funcup august 2015

Funcup august 2015 2

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