August Pro Kart

PFI Pro Kart weekend

Well done to Ozzy and Charlie on their 2nd and 3rd podium finishes this weekend. Also well done to Brandon and cadet drivers Blake and Charlie who all finished mid field.

If you are looking to get in to karting, Honda Pro-karts are a good place to start. We offer arrive and drive packages. For more information, please contact me Jay on 07949170031.

August pro kart


ERS 3 hour Endurance Race - Donnington Park

I had the opportunity to race the fantastic Riley GT with Craig Dolby today. Fantastic experience and bringing home the race win.  Reaching speeds of 170mph it really was a pleasure to drive.

Thanks to Nigel Mustil for the opportunity.

Donnington Park Aug 2

Donnington Park Aug


PF International Honda Weekend

We had a good weekend.  Our cadets Blake and Charlie were really strong this weekend. I am so impressed with their progress this season.  Charlie was on a new engine and was running on average around 10th and Blake on average around 7th.  The final was brilliant. Blake started 7th and went in to third on the first lap. He was then knocked off but regained, loosing his back wheel on the final lap, but still finishing 12th and Charlie 11th.
We had a new driver Brandon aged 15 years.  He drove in the Honda extreme.  He has done karting before at local tracks. I am looking forward to working Brandon and increasing his confidence and performance over the coming months.
Charlie and I also entered the Honda Extreme. Charlie had a number of problems with his kart.  This is not one we had used before, so no set up or testing done prior to this meeting.  In the final he was up in the top three, leading at one point, when one of his engines failed causing him to finish the race early.
I was bull at a gate for the first couple of heats, but as the day went on, the body gave up and I finished12th.
Honda racing at PFI is superb, the grids numbers are fantastic, very close racing but more importantly equality in performance through the supply of engines from Roger at RPM. It is a refreshing change not only financially opposed to the MSA categories, with a family atmosphere which is not only due to the competitors but also through the organisation and delivery by Paul Barnicoat of TVKC.
If you would be interested in having a shot at karting, Honda is a great place to start.  We have karts to hire in both Cadet and Senior on an arrive and drive basis. I am also available to give one-on-one to anyone looking to try but not confident to race.
Thanks again to all the staff at TVKC for a great weekend of racing.

PF International honda

PF International honda 2


Round 2 of the Funcup Championship 2015

Snetterton - 31st May 2015

A great result at Snetterton for Holden Hawthorns! A podium 3 finish!! Not bad to say we started the long 6 hour race from the back of the grid!! Huge thanks to the team!! Barry, Tom, Mike, Katie, Bob, Diane, Ina and Kate with drivers Jay Shepherd, Martin Gibson, Andy Holden and Rod Barrett.

Looking forward to Round 3 at Brands Hatch on 19th June!





Stretton Circuit Championship May 2015

Charlie Bingham and I looked after four cadet divers today, Charlie Dillon, Blake Angliss, Jay Harris and Jamie Hollis.

We have another new driver join the cadet team, 11 year old Jamie Hollis (Kart #7 WTP) Jamie has no cadet kart experience, other than a days 'driving and tuition' package he received for a Christmas present! He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and decided to jump straight in to the Stretton Championship to see how he got on.  To be honest he did great! His lap times from qualifying to the final were over three seconds quicker, plus he made up a place! I couldn't have asked for any more from him today. He received trophy today for his efforts. Well done Jamie! Finished position 17th. Fastest lap of the day 42:51.

Jay Harris (Kart #65 Iame) has been beaming all day today. He has been so proud of himself and his achievements. The improvement on lap times and his confidence is really starting to build which is showing. He made up two places in the final and did his fastest lap time to date.  Well done Jay. Great kid with bags of personality. Finished position 15th with a trophy for 2nd in class. Fastest lap of the day 41:37.

Blake Angliss (Kart #04 Honda GX200) Had a strong day today, his lap times were on the pace and the best he has done to date. His confidents grows every race meeting and his driving skill gets better and better.  He was unfortunately involved in a accident today which caused the race to be red flagged. I'm proud to say he brushed himself off and carried on to the final.  Finishing a fantastic 6th place with a fastest lap of the day 37:79. Great result Blake.

Charlie Dillon (Kart #28 Honda GX200) looked the part in his new BRM race suit!! And after a evening of partying with Blake and Kevin Angliss I was slightly concerned that they wouldn't be on the pace today. But they were! and Charlie drove hard all day. He held on to third place throughout the day and finished with a very well deserved third 3rd place in the final with fastest lap of the day 37:38.

I have to say both Charlie and I are very impressed with the maturity of these boys, their drive and enthusiasm for this sport. They all deserve to do well. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to Stretton, all the staff, plus family and friends who came to support us today.




Well done Charlie Dillon, winning 3rd overall.

Charlie 3rd overall



PFI Race Meeting

Team Haase X30 Senior

Just two drivers this weekend, Charlie Bingam and Taylor Woodward. John was unable to attend due to personal commitments and I was unable to race after last weekends incident.

Testing Saturday was great, Taylor was looking confident pulling in some great lap times. Charlie was on the pace. The weather was good, dry and we were feeling confident for a good result Sunday.

The great British weather had it's say on Sunday with it's spells of heavy rain and sunshine! Charlie and Taylor drove hard in heat one. It was wet and the track was greasy. Both drivers are still on Novice plates so start the heats at the back of the grid.  Taylor finished 20th and Charlie 9th.

Heat two was a little dryer, but on the first lap there was an accident which involved a number of karts including both Charlie and Taylor. Taylor had bent the axel which meant he could not continue, Charlie hit a stationary kart head on which completely destroyed the front bending the stubaxle and sending his steering column to the shape of a banana, also squashing his petrol tank with force as it blew off the inlet and breather pipe fittings and therefore covering his suit and legs with fuel for the duration of the race.  Suspecting he had hurt himself in some way as he was fiddling with the kart for the whole race and looking down at his legs. It was revealed at the end of the race the severity of the karts damage but thankfully driver was unhurt. A very impressive finish from the back of the grid to finish 6th despite multiple issues for both kart and driver which shows true grit and determination.

It was all hands to the pump when we got back to base.  Both karts needed fixing, luckily we had my kart in the truck so stripped it of all parts to get Charlie and Taylor back out there for Heat three.

Heat three was dry and both pushed hard to get a good finish.  Charlie finishing 9th and Taylor near the back as the axel had shifted causing him some issues.

Between heat three and the final, the weather was dry.  We set both karts up for a dry race.  As we were walking down to line up the heavens opened. We managed to change from slicks to wets, but had no time to change the gearing on the karts, so the boys would have to run with what they had which was very frustrating as Charlie was 6th on the grid.

They had no pulling power out of the corners which caused Charlie to loose places and drop back to 12th place in the first few laps. Taylor was holding his own at the back of the grid pushing hard to move himself through the pack.  Charlie managed to pull back 8th in the last couple of laps. It was a lost cause due to kart set up and weather conditions. Both drivers pushed and worked as had as they could.

It really is a credit to the Haase product that within a very short time we are starting to produce results and the kart is responding well. We are looking forward and learning fast of how to become top of our game.

Next race we will be back to full strength!

Thanks once again for the support from family and friends over the weekend. Also help from Mick (of MAD racing), Steve and Stuart.  Great to catch up with he MadCrock boys Simon and Dan, well done guys.

Thanks Jay

PFI Race Team Haase X30 Senior may15

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