Whilton Mill X30 Senior Team Haase

With drivers Charlie Bingham, John Hogan, Taylor Woodward and Jay Shepherd

Two results out of four wasn't exactly the result we hoped for this weekend! I never made the final due to being hit by another kart in heat three busting my hand and steering column so wasn't able to make the final. Charlie finished 9th in the final but was disqualified for track limits! Taylor and John had a great drive and finished the race with John pulling in a sweet 7th position.

John and Charlie's karts are up there, engines tuned and seem to be on the pace. John was 4th quickest throughout the weekend.  Mine and Taylor's engines are still standard so we aren't quite pulling in the lap times, but both of us are pushing hard.

In the final, Charlie, John and Taylor all started near the back due to problems during the heats (none finish and none starts) so for Charlie and John to finish in the top ten is pretty impressive with the competition out there.

We are a good strong team, with good drivers. We have the support and will to win it won't be long before we are up there.

At PFI this coming weekend...hopefully my kart will be fixed so I can compete....!!

Thanks to all the support again this weekend, Dave, Steve, Stuart, Mick, family and Friends. Also to the staff and medical team which assisted with my injury.

Whilton Mill X30 Senior Team Haase April


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