4 Stroke twin engine karting has always been hugely popular – and is now becoming more popular again.  If you are looking to get in to karting, this is the perfect place to start as it is affordable.

Paul Fletcher International (Newark) hold a 4Stroke race meeting on the 3rd weekend of the month.  It gets healthy grids and is extremely good value for money and very competitive.  The Pro-Kart championship offer 4 classes over this weekend.

• Cadets (GX200 Engine restricted) aged between 8-13 years
• Juniors (X2 GX200 Engine restricted) aged between 11-16 years
• Senior (X2 GX200 Engine) aged 16 years plus
• Senior (X2GX160 Engine) aged 16 years plus.

Engines are sealed GX200, supplied and maintained by RPM Engines.  Starting with a single engine restricted for cadets, moving to twin GX200 restricted for Junior to un-restricted for Senior. This therefore keeps the continuity between the classes, enabling a competitor as they grow to move up without major equipment change as the engines are all the same.

The karts are affordable, no licence is needed, no MSA regulations, but still the track, marshals and safety are in place as per any MSA events.

Also available for the 4stroke class are the PFI endurance championship, held on the first Thursday of the month, and EPEC endurance races all over the country.

Honda cadets can also race at MSA level with GX160 Engines.

Team7Racing offer full track side support, sales, driver tuition and hire karts for the race meetings or Thursday practice.

Follow the Facebook page – ‘PFI ProKarting’ for more information on this championship

Follow the Facebook page – ‘RPM Racing Engines’ or website www.rpmpower.co.uk



2 Stroke Karting is considered by many as the ‘pinnacle’ of karting.  Race meetings all over the UK, Europe and the world as a whole.  

From Bambino to Senior there are lots of different classes, chassis, engines that can be used to suit your budget and skills.  For many it is a minefield as to where to start if you are new to the sport.

None MSA meetings are becoming more popular, as your equipment and race wear do not have to meet the high MSA regulations.  No licence is needed to race at these meetings.  This however is not to say that safety is forgotten as safety is paramount.  The none MSA meetings still meet very high standards.  Often, drivers choose to race in the none MSA meetings as the grids are good, you get good track time and it is a more cost effective way to enjoy the sport.

MSA meetings are extremely tight on regulations.  You need a MSA licence to compete at this level.  Your equipment and race wear need to meet MSA standards.  The competition is very high at this level.  MSA meetings can be very costly to meet other competitors standards – however, if you want to be the best, this is where you need to be.

From the age of 5, you can race a go-kart at None MSA level and compete at MSA level from 6 years of age.  This class is called Bambino. Engines available are C35 and C50.
From the age of 8, you can race in cadets at both MSA and none MSA level. Engines available are Iame and Honda.
From the age of 13, you can race in Junior at both MSA and none MSA level. Engines available are Iame, Rotax, TKM
From the age of 16, you are in the Senior class. Engines available are Iame, Rotax and TKM.
Choosing none MSA meetings, MSA meetings or just general practice sessions, Chassis, Engine - we can help and advise on the many options available to you.

TVKC Based at Paul Fletcher International has become the MSA Championship to enter.  Over the last two years it has seen grids of over 70 drivers in some classes.  Attracting high rank talent from the UK and Europe.  This is the top level of Karting in the UK.

For more information on the MSA, licences or tracks - look at the website – www.msauk.org

For more information on the TVKC championship, follow the Facebook page or Website – www.tvkc.co.uk


Mini 7 club

We run Mini7Club which has been created for young drivers to practice and receive driver tuition in a relaxed, none pressured environment. Please take a look at our group on Facebook.


From the age of 5 you can start karting.

More tracks are inviting young drivers to practice sessions to enable them to gain track time, confidence and driving skill, preparing them for their future racing.

It can be very daunting for parents to think that their young child can be in control of a C50 engine – but you would be very surprised at how quickly they pick it up.

Starting a child in karting at a young age can be very beneficial to their character growing up.  It teaches them many skills, such as driving, concentration, driver respect and being part of a team.

New and used Bambino karts are readily available on the market and I am here to advise on purchase.

Whilton Mill track in Daventry holds week day evening practice sessions.

For more information on Bambino karting and how to get started, please get in touch.

For more information on Whilton Mill circuit – please follow the Facebook page or Website www.wmkc.co.uk